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"Safe, efficient, honest, win-win, pragmatic and innovative"

Regarding "safety" as the first priority, we create a working atmosphere-"safety is happiness" to standardize the production process. Persistently responding to the call of “learning reform from Xi Jinping and asking for benefits from all production factors”, we achieve the efficient operation of all production factors via technical innovation to develop a new type of “efficient, intensive, environmental-protection and sustainable” industry.

Facing customers, we are based on "honesty" to provide cheap and fine products for customers, and meanwhile, we always follow gratitude and feedback to make our customers achieving value enhancement via a “win-win situation”.

We are all dream seekers. Adhering to the working concept of "pragmatism and innovation", we are down-to-earth, aggressive, daring to advance, united and cooperative on the way of chasing our dreams, and we interpret our due responsibilities and actions with practical deeds.